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collection- Segreti di seta
fabric- triple veil and silk veil


28,00€ Preț normal
16,80€Preț redus
Culoare: Galben
  • Please remember that we are a small business and that we handle all the products ourselves. We are a small team of handlers, we pride ourselves when it comes to safety and quality check. We will only refund products that have been in your possession for less than 15 days and only if the product at hand is faulty. Please understand that due to covid 19 precautions we will not be able to refund products that have been heavily used! Thank you in advance for understanding! If you wish to find out more about how to return products that you no longer want please feel free to contact our customer support via chat or email us at
    Happy shopping everyone!

  • Here at Alessandra Fashion, we understand how important it is to find your perfect fit. Cloths are after all a form of self-expression so we understand that regardless of size we all have different sized and shaped bodies. You and your friend might be of the same size, but your clothes should be tailored for you since you are vastly different individuals. Our company understands this and we want everyone to have a pleasant experience with online shopping. As you probably noticed there's an extra option in our products page called custom sizing. What this means is that we can take the measures you sent us to make that perfect pair of trousers you have been looking for! below you can see a little size guide that will help you find the perfect fit for your clothes. Make sure to take your measures and sent them right over. We will do our best to recreate this design just specially tailored for your beautifully unique body!
    Happy shopping everyone!

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